Phil & Shawna


Phil and Shawna share a long history together.  They met in the first grade and were childhood sweethearts.  Separated by a move they did not see each other for about 10 years but had a phone call or two each year until after high school graduation.  They decided to meet once again at 17 and 18 years old, became inseparable and will celebrate 20 years together this year. 

Phil has been in real estate and sales for the last 20 years and Shawna working in home industry for 15 years they had even taken on several projects together. They realized that not only were they good teammates in their personal life but they also worked well together. 

Shawna said “ I know how this sounds” she laughs “ But our life is isn’t a fairy-tale, and I think we would make good TV with some of the arguments and days we had on these projects, but we came through it together with beautiful outcomes that we are very proud of and it would not have been the same without him there!”

Phil had said “I couldn’t have done the same job without Shawna, but wow, there were some days she drove me up the wall and then some because we are still a married couple, which means we will drive each other crazy but at the end of the day we have each others backs like no one else.”   

They decided to join professional forces in real estate to try and provide a healthy balance in life for one another as well as their children. Phil and Shawna have joined the successful TNT Real Estate Pros Real Estate Team, another married couple who feels the same way about being a team as Shawna and Phil do. Knowledge and Trust, Values and Morality, Client and Customer Care, these are just a few of the virtues that these team members share.  It is an amazing set of people for whom ever they work with! 

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